Property prices: How to add value to your home with these five simple steps

There are many ways you can increase your property value, and MyToolShed have shared some of their top tips to increase your property price. However some of these steps are initially quite expensive, so you will need to weigh up whether any changes will add enough value not to leave you out of pocket.

Tidy up your garden

A tidy, presentable garden is a big selling point for people looking to buy their next home.

A garden which has fallen into disarray could put any potential buyers off, due to the expense and effort it would take to make it over.

Gardening experts McGregor and estate agent shared their top five tips sorting out your garden, and they include mowing the grass, colourful plants and trimming hedges and shrubbery.

You should also make sure patios and pathways are cleaned, and all weeds have been pulled up.


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Garden decking

Adding decking to your garden could be a very attractive feature for people looking to buy.

However the costs of getting decking laid can be quite expensive, so look into whether the initial investment would be worth it in the long-run.

Getting decking laid can also take up a lot of time, with added costs for installation, so think about whether you want the house disruption as well.

Sort out the bathrooms

Most people would be reluctant to install brand new bathroom suites when they’re looking to move house.

But all that’s needed to freshen up a bathroom are a few new aesthetic features.

If the shower heads and taps are looking a bit worn, there are plenty of affordable options available to replace them.

You can get a set of new taps (£20), a heated chrome towel rail (£50), a big shower head (£20) all for under £100, which according to NetHousePrices can add 2.88 percent (£7,000) onto your house’s value.


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A lick of paint

A tin of paint is a quick and cost-effective way of adding value to your home according to the experts.

According to Zillow research, certain colours can add significant value to properties.

The research shows colouring the bathroom light blue could boost house value by £2,323.29 ($2,786) while painting the living room in light taupe could add £2,329.12 ($2,793).

Freshly painted walls could also be appealing for people who don’t want to repaint the entire house when they move in.

Don’t neglect your front door!

As with the points above, a tidy front door can be an attractive feature for homebuyers.

A new coat of glossy paint can significantly improve the look of your house from the outside and is an easy, cost-effective home improvement.

You can also splash out and add a new door knocker and letterbox.

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